About Us

Who We Are

Ami School is a supplementary school for Hebrew language studies, Jewish traditions, and Israeli culture. The school is a non-profit organization.

The school is geared toward children ages 5-15 who attend public school. Our program consists of two hours of instruction, once a week in the afternoon, at one of our various locations.  Our program is conducted entirely in the Hebrew language. The Hebrew studies are taught by experienced and certified teachers.  The program and curriculum are developed by the school's CEO, Karin Koskas, who holds two degrees in education and who has much experience teaching in Israel.  Our program is adapted to fit the age and level of every student and is built specifically for students who are learning Hebrew as a second language.

About Us

Our Process

Jewish studies are taught in an experiential way, through art, music, and drama. Our intention is to create a connection between each child and his/her Jewish identity, daily life, and Jewish values and traditions. Israeli culture is integrated throughout our program.

Ami School will serve as an additional bridge between the Jewish & Israeli communities. We will have joint celebrations and special events that will unite us as one big community.

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